Colourfulworld: monday mural

colourfulworld: monday mural

Gostei do pormenor, aproveito para desejar um bom Carnaval. It shows a sense of humor but isn't really funny! That is really cool. So cool that I could accidentally walk into the wall. Nice one to attract customers to the bike shop. Thanks for contributing Marianne. Oh that's fab Marianne, love this sort of public art! Do you need finance to start up your own business or expand your business, Do you need funds to pay off your debt?

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Email: fastloanoffer34 gmail. Gepost door biebkriebels op Labels: Amsterdam centrumMonday Mural. Andy 4 maart om Bertiebo 4 maart om Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira 4 maart om Mae Travels 4 maart om Anne cornucopia 4 maart om The Padre 4 maart om Sharon 4 maart om Tom 4 maart om Red 4 maart om Lois 4 maart om RedPat 4 maart om William Kendall 4 maart om Hello Jeanie Love the mural. Reach for the stars, it is a great message! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

The little girl seem to be tagging the Mona Lisa : Lovely mural, thanks for contributing Jeanie. What a delightful wall mural. The bright blue building is striking.

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This market looks fun and festive. I love browsing through markets and festivals. One of my favorite things to do. Did you buy anything? A fun place, Portobello Road, but it was utterly exciting in the seventies and eighties when I used to haunt the hippy parts of London. I lived and worked there for many years. Nowadays the place would be beyond me, sadly. What is she doing? Drawing a smile on the Mona Lisa?

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I thought this was a cow from the thumbnail! Neat pictures, I love the blue paint on that building! So glad you enjoyed my "Tansy" post. I've seen it as well! Portobello is very specific district I think ; But all the murals I've seen are really creative! Love this new series you're joining in on, Jeanie And London, it just has everything! What an interesting mural, Jeanie! You have a great eye to look at everything around you and take it in.

So many people miss looking up! Have a wonderful day! So glad yo see you joined Sami's Monday Murals. This is amazing.

What a great find, too. I thought you might want to know, the water is finally out of my basement, but the walls are still damp. I have bleached everything, and don't seem to have any mold. Now if the rain just stays away a few more days so the back yard can dry out a bit. Jeanie, what a great mural. I love seeing them on buildings. We have a couple in our little town.Andarilhar Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa O prazer dos livros. I notice the bell on the bike.

When I use to walk in The Netherlands I liked it when bikers rang their bell to let me know they were going to pass me. Wish bikes here had them. I agree, it is perfect to have those bikes parked there next to the mural. Self-referential art is very amusing. This is a good one.

That is a perfect mural for Amsterdam. And look, all the real bikes like it, too!

What a great capture that made me smile : Feel free to share at My Corner of the World. A mural seen at the fleamarket at Waterloo square in Amsterdam. I like it that all the real bikes are surrounding the appropiate painting. Gepost door biebkriebels op Labels: Amsterdam centrumMonday Mural. Andy 30 maart om Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira 30 maart om Sami 30 maart om Iris Flavia 30 maart om Janey and Co.

Sharon 30 maart om Mae Travels 30 maart om PerthDailyPhoto 30 maart om Bleubeard and Elizabeth 30 maart om Marleen 30 maart om William Kendall 30 maart om Cynthia 30 maart om Reactie toevoegen. Nieuwere post Oudere post Homepage. Abonneren op: Reacties posten Atom.Very interesting composition! Sami, you found a great one for these times. Oh Sami that is so nice and thoughtful of you! Happy Monday dearest Sami and to all our Mural sharers!

I really really really hope I can share a mural post too! Have to go to Manila to find some soon :. Thanks for the help Stevenson. Have a lovely Monday and hope to see one of your murals here soon :. Hello It is a beautiful mural, great find! It makes me think peace and love. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week! I agree it's a beautiful mural, but I'm somehow having trouble trying to understand the significance behind the painting and the name. I believe it's one of those mural paintings where the artist expects us to interpret it for ourselves.

It's certainly calming and beautifully done. There are two arms with entwined hands, from the artist's website: "one person helping another. This is the driving principle behind the collective—older generations of artists lending a hand and bridging the gap for younger, upcoming artists".

I hope it makes sense now Elizabeth. We need a lot more hand holding and less hate.

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Love this. Have a fabulous day and week, Sami. Yes, it's a beautiful and monumental mural. I like the graphism. Really an interesting one, I also see fishes and flying books, and lots of hearts.

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A beautiful one! That's a beautiful mural, Sami, but I'm even more taken with your lovely Header image. It's so joyful! Hope you're doing well over there. Thanks Joanne. Doing well thank you. That header photo was taken about 2 years ago in a Perth orchard, when we went to pick apples in Autumn. Andarilhar Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa O prazer dos livros. It's an interesting mural.

It looks like maybe one person is saving the other person.Thanks for the historical information about this special mural. There is a lot of history that seems to be distorted and taught differently in different countries and populations.

I saw the film "Hidden Figures" about the African American women mathematicians that were crucial to the space race. Thanks for participating.

This is a great tribute to the men and women who survived these horrible riots.

How sad that I had to learn about this from your blog, but I'm eternally grateful and thankful you shared this with us. It's a great way to memorialize those who suffered through this terrible ordeal.

Thank you so much for binging this to my attention. It's a beautiful mural. We, as Americans have a lot to be shameful of. Sadly, I fear this won't be the last racial issue we will learn of.

colourfulworld: monday mural

There has been quite a bit on the news about Tulsa and the Black Wall Street recently and of course your delightful president's visit. Were you there? I have only been to Tulsa once, and I spent the afternoon at a museum and art gallery dedicated to cowboys and the wild west, I can't remember the name now Wonderful art to look at. No, I didn't attend the rally.

My First Mural in New York City !

I didn't want to be around that many people even though they took precautions except distancing? In Oklahoma our daily cases have been climbing and our cases have been the highest they have been since the beginning of the pandemic. Even with the security downtown, I didn't feel comfortable being around the protesters after seeing what has been happening in other cities.

I'm proud of our state, our governor, the mayor of Tulsa and Tulsa police department plus the national guard! It was a relatively peaceful event from what I saw. I watched online, and the TV to see what was happening.

I bet the museum you went to in Tulsa was the Gilcrease Museum. Thomas Gilcrease was an oilman and an avid art collector. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting Gilcrease. My sister volunteers there and I was able to see some of the beautiful artifacts of pottery, arrowheads and utensils Gilcrease collected from archaeological sites.

Thank you for commenting. Enjoy your day! Post a Comment Thank you for visiting my blog. I love reading your comments! May 04, In June of the largest scale race riot in the U. This mural is located there in the Greenwood District. When will it hit rental is a mystery to me. On YouTube. I'm sharing this historical mural with Monday Murals, here. Sami May 4, at AM. Bleubeard and Elizabeth May 4, at PM.Good one! I'm glad that Sami is going to continue the Monday Murals.

You have done a fabulous job! What a great mural! I've been considering a trip out to California for a few years, I think next spring is the time and I will add that museum to my list of possible things to do. Thank for your very good article.! The blog are the best that is extremely useful to keep. I can share the ideas of the future as this is really what I was looking for, I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much!

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I like! Happy New Year! Beautiful image the building You chose well for the theme. Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works.

A kiss. Sunday, December 31, Monday Mural: Korean hanbok.

colourfulworld: monday mural

Labels: Monday muralNorth OaklandOakland artists. Tom December 31, at PM. Sami December 31, at PM. Karl January 1, at AM. Cloudia January 1, at AM. Linda January 1, at PM. William Kendall January 2, at PM. RedPat January 3, at AM. Pam January 7, at PM. Unknown May 10, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. For CDP blogs around the world:. Night Shot Monday. Shadow Shot Sunday.

Signs, Signs. SOOC Sunday.Glad you found the lovely mural, Pity you didn't find my blog yesterday! Have a nice day, Valerie. Its good you found the mural you were seeking out. Its sad that folk want to destroy the work others have spent hours creating, I hope it will be left alone for everyone to enjoy. Yvonne xx. You've discovered a wonderful mural Elizabeth. What a pity it was defaced, but luckily has been repaired. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

What a wonderful work of art. I'm happy the damage was removed and the mural restored. There's no end to the shameless behavior of the immoral majority in our country! Thank you for showing us the work of brave young people. Such a beautiful mural and so sad to see it defaced. I admire the strength of the young people to restore their hard work and not give in to the ignorant bullies. I've found a number of tagged murals and sometimes leaving the BS up sends a powerful statement.

Thanks for sharing and please be part of the Blue Wave this November!!! Ditto every comment a hundred times over!!! This is heartwarming! Thank you Elizabeth, there is a very important story in this work of art. Thx also for your visit, I needed that. Cool mural. I really like how it was painted by students and their message. Hope it was a great weekend. A beautiful, strong mural.


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